My merged orders totaled more than $70, why didn't all my shipping get refunded?

Free Shipping for orders over $70 only applies to INDIVIDUAL orders.

Merged orders that exceed $70 after merging will only quality for free shipping if ALL the orders that are combined qualify.

Some other examples:

  • First order is over $70 (free shipping), second small order ($5.99 shipping): No shipping credited.
  • First order is over $70 (free shipping), second small order ($5.99 shipping), third small order ($5.99 shipping): Second $5.99 shipping card refunded.
  • 4 orders that are all charged for shipping: 3 orders will be credited their shipping charges
  • 3 orders over $70 (free shipping) merge with 1 order that is charged shipping: No shipping will be credited
  • 2 orders each charged $5.99 for shipping merge with one order with USPS Priority for $14.99: Both $5.99 charges are credited and merged order ships USPS Priority

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