Merged Orders

  • When will orders get merged?

    AUTOMATIC ORDER MERGE SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY OFF. Orders are not automatically being merged*.** Orders that meet the following criteria will be merged: 1. Orders from same person and same account 2. Shipping addresses are EXACTLY the same on each order 3. Orders are placed during specific hours of...
  • If my orders get merged, will that delay shipping?

    Depends on shipping method: Regular/Free Shipping - Yes, merged order placed in queue at time orders merged. USPS Priority - No, merged orders with Priority are shipped per our Priority Shipping Policy. When we merge orders, your "child" orders are replaced by a new order and a new timestamp. We...
  • What happens when orders get merged?

    When orders are merged, the following actions take place automatically: A new order is created, combining all items from the prior orders into one new order. The merged orders are canceled and archived. Extra shipping charges are refunded to original form of payment. Read Shipping refunds for me...
  • If I pay for priority shipping in my first order then a few mins later I pay for regular shipping for my 2nd order - does it get merged or not?

    Yes! Orders with different shipping methods can get merged, and we will keep the most expensive shipping method with the merged order. In this case, the second, regular shipping charge will be refunded and only the charge for the priority shipping will remain on the order.
  • Merged order notifications

    When orders are merged, the customer will be notified via email. The customer may also received notification that their merged orders were canceled. The email notification will look like this:
  • My merged orders totaled more than $70, why didn't all my shipping get refunded?

    Free Shipping for orders over $70 only applies to INDIVIDUAL orders. Merged orders that exceed $70 after merging will only quality for free shipping if ALL the orders that are combined qualify. Some other examples: First order is over $70 (free shipping), second small order ($5.99 shipping): N...
  • Shipping refunds for merged orders

    When orders are merged, the system will automatically refund extra shipping charges. The system will keep the most expensive shipping option and cost among all orders merged. Examples: | Scenario 1 | | | | | | ---------- | --- | --- | --- | --- | | Order | Value | Shipping Charge | Amount R...
  • Can I merge orders placed on different days or outside of an event?

    We are unfortunately not able to merge orders placed on different days or outside of a collection launch or special merge event.