Loyalty Program

  • Can I share my rewards with others?

    No. Loyalty points are non-transferrable. Customers found to be sharing, trading or selling their loyalty rewards points will be removed from the program and their points will be voided.
  • Do my points expire?

    Yes, rewards points expire after 1 year of inactivity. If you earn or spend points within a year, you will retain your points.
  • How do I check my reward points balance?

    You can view your balance HERE. PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged into your kate quinn store account before clicking the link in order for the rewards to show up.
  • How do I complete my profile?

    By completing your profile in our Loyalty Program, you'll immediately earn 100 points as well as unlock additional benefits such as Birthday coupons and more! To complete your profile, log into your account at www.katequinn.com and then navigate to the Rewards section (you can find link in foote...
  • If I have a rewards code for $50 and my transaction is less than $50, will I have balance left on that code to use?

    No. If the entire coupon is not used in a single transaction, there will not be a balance that carries over.
  • I have rewards points, how do I redeem them?

    Once you have earned enough points to qualify for one of our benefits, you can log into your account HERE. From there, you will see a "REDEEM" button beside any unlocked rewards in your account. IMPORTANT: Once you click the "REDEEM" button, you will immediately receive your unique code, which w...
  • I placed an order, but don’t see my points. What happened?

    We allow users to check out as guests on our website. Sometimes, registered users accidentally checkout as guests. When this happens, the order isn't automatically linked to your account, and the points aren't added. If you think this might have happened, send an email to hello@katequinn.com wit...
  • Will you notify me before my points expire?

    Yes, you will receive two emails before your points expire. The first email will go out 30 days before expiry, and the second “last chance” email will go out 1 day before expiry.
  • When do points get credited to my account?

    When you initially place your order, your points are “pending” and you will not see them in your account. Once your order ships, your points will post to your account immediately. If you do not see points posted to your account once your order ships, you may have checked out as a guest (see next ...
  • Will my reward points show up at checkout?

    No, you will need to log into your store account and click the link below to see & redeem your rewards. You can do so HERE. Note that your reward will show only once your order has shipped.